What can Bezos do for you?

What’s a blossoming e-commerce Goliath to do when packages aren’t delivered in time for the holidays? In 2013, Jeff Bezos and Co. decided to build out their own logistics network.

That network has manifested into delivery drones, ocean freight and even complete strangers entering your home. And now Amazon will run their own parcel delivery service. Because as Newman said, “When you control the mail, you control … information.

Shipping with Amazon or “SWA” for short, will launch in the next few weeks in LA and will pick up third-party Amazon orders and deliver them to customers.

So what is Amazon up against in UPS and FedEx? FedEx boasts 40 years of experience, roughly 650 aircraft, 150k trucks and 400k employees. Bezos calls that locker room material.

Water Cooler Talking Point: “Call me a troll, or just call me jealous but every time Bezos does something big I like to bring him back down to size by Tweeting a picture of him at the launch of the Amazon Fire Phone.”